VoluMedi Diet

Welcome to the VoluMedi Diet!

VoluMedi is by far the easiest, most reliable, safest and healthiest way to lose weight and keep it off.


The VoluMedi Diet originated from asking two questions:

  1. What is the best diet for health?
  2. What is the best diet for weight loss?

The answers to those two questions will then naturally create the best possible path to weight loss, and maintaining that weight loss for life… what we call “Weight Wellness”.

And you’ll love this – the answer is easy. No thick book to read. No “subscription” based program to overwhelm you. No hard to make recipes. In a few minutes you’ll know all you need to know to successfully implement this program into your life.

The Best Diets
And the winner of the award for best weight loss diet is… the Volumetric Diet.

Drumroll please…

The winner of the award for healthiest diet is… the Mediterranean Diet.

They actually go so well together that we were shocked no one combined them before.

The quickest and safest way to lose weight is also the healthiest way to eat!

The very best thing about it is that you’ll love the food choices you have.

The VoluMedi Diet in a few short sentences
The rules of the diet give you a tremendous range of food choices. 1) You will manage the VOLUME (quantity) of food you eat. 2) You will eat more of some foods, less of others. 3) For best health results, choose Mediterranean style cuisine.

  1. Volume – This is real simple – eat about the size of your palm in volume of a protein, a vegetable or fruit and a starch for each meal.  So peanut butter on toast with an apple could be breakfast.  Ham and cheese sandwich with carrots and tomatoes could be lunch.  A Chicken breast with some stir fry vegetables and rice could be dinner.  Have a fruit for dessert.  The main thing is the PORTION SIZE.  And that’s going to be the hardest part to stick with… because you’re not going to be giving up any of your favorite foods.
  2. Categories of Foods – You’ll go heavy on categories one and two (see chart below), watch your portion sizes with category three and keep category four choices to a minimum or as a treat. Each day, you’ll eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, a couple snacks and dessert.
  3. Mediterranean style eating – Mediterranean Style Cuisine key ingredients include olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables, protein-rich legumes, fish and whole grains with moderate amounts of wine and red meat. The health benefits of the Mediterranean style diet include reduced risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, cognitive decline and alzeimers, risk of stroke in women, alleviation of rheumatoid arthritis and prevention of certain types of cancer including breast cancer (one study reported a 62% reduction), colorectal cancer, and head and neck cancers, and helped prevent death among cancer survivors

It. Is. That. Simple.

The biggest challenge you will have is overcoming your old bad habits of eating too much, and eating too much of “Category 4” foods. We recommend the mindbody.eyewearrewards Weight Wellness Program for sticking with new eating patterns. Available at mindbodyseries.com.

The hardest part of weight loss is mental – it’s desiring quantities and types of foods that are not conducive to being in good physical shape.

The mindbody.eyewearrewards Weight Wellness Program prepares you MENTALLY for losing weight. It provides you the tools you can use to successfully fight off those cravings – or to not let one day of indiscretion lead to giving up your diet.

Fitness is part of being healthy, and we recommend the MyMobileMinute Fitness Program. MyMobileMinute is all about squeezing fitness into the least amount of time for the greatest effect. And because it can be done anywhere, you’ll be consistent long-term… which is where the real health benefits of exercise lie. Available at www.MyMobileMinute.com.

You now know all you need to know about how to eat for maximum, healthy weight loss. That’s it. Psychology has proven that if something is difficult to follow, we’re unlikely to keep it up. Simplicity is the key. You can go to any restaurant right now and order something that will be both delicious and good for you. Just get a to-go container, because some restaurants are serving you double and triple the VOLUME you should be eating.

The VoluMedi Four Categories Of Food

Category One (Very Low-Density) Includes:

  • Broth-based soup.
  • Non-fat yogurt.
  • Non-starchy vegetables.
  • Fruits.

Category Two (Very Low-Density) Includes:

  • Breakfast cereal.
  • Legumes.
  • Low-fat mixed dishes, like chili and spaghetti.
  • Lean proteins such as poultry and fish.
  • Starchy vegetables.
  • Whole grains.

Category Three (Medium-Density) Includes:

  • Bread.
  • Cake.
  • Cheese..
  • French fries.
  • Ice cream.
  • Meat.
  • Pizza.
  • Pretzels.
  • Salad dressing.

Category Four (High-Density) Includes:

  • Butter.
  • Candies.
  • Chips.
  • Chocolate.
  • Cooking oil.
  • Crackers.
  • Nuts.
  • Pretzels.

Trail mix.

VoluMedi will likely help you lose a significant amount of weight during the first year. Experts agree that it is “realistic and allows people to enjoy all foods in moderation.” It teaches portion control and how to choose foods that are low in calories but that keep you feeling fuller longer.

VoluMedi 10 Minute Mediterranean Meals GROCERY LIST

1 bundle spinach
1 carton cherry tomatoes
Mini-bell peppers
1 medium cucumber
1 medium red onion
1 white onion
Fresh parsley
Small bundle basil
2 lemons
3 green apples
Medium head cauliflower

Carton of eggs
1 ½ lb raw shrimp
1lb chicken thighs

Olive oil
Everyday seasoning
Dried oregano

Feta crumble

75g pecans

Low carb whole wheat tortillas
Store-bought hummus
Orzo (wheat or regular)
Vanilla whey protein powder
6oz can tomato paste
1 can (15oz) chickpeas
Carton low sodium chicken broth

VoluMedi 10 Minute Mediterranean Meals RECIPES

This program is not intended to replace proper nutrition and exercise. Please check with your physician before beginning any weight loss program. This program is intended to be used for the mental aspect of weight loss, including anxiety relief and making healthier eating and exercise choices.
Email support@mindbody.eyewearrewards.com for any questions.

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