MindBodySeries Weight Wellness Program

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Exercise Imagery - Track 1 - Intro
Exercise Imagery - Track 2 - Stretching
Exercise Imagery - Track 3 - Exercise
Weight Loss Imagery
Weight Loss Relaxation
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How to use the MindBodySeries Weight Wellness Program

These audio programs are tools if you use them the right way.

The “MindBodySeries Weight Wellness Program” is an excellent companion to any other weight loss program, because it helps you with the mental aspect of weight loss and weight wellness.


  1. Begin by listening to the “Imagery for Weight Loss” program. This program will guide you through imagery exercises that “program” your brain to enjoy and crave healthy eating and exercise habits!  You may want to listen to it daily until you can easily recall the various techniques that you will want to use during the day.
  1. Listen to “Imagery for Relaxation” to learn how to clinically relax, which reduces the stress hormone “cortisol”. Too much cortisol PREVENTS weight-loss, no matter how well you eat or how much you exercise!  Stress is the #1 reason people don’t succeed at weight loss.  Use the Relaxation mental exercises whenever you are feeling stressed or anxious.
  1. While you are doing your “mental work”, You may wish to begin exercising.  You may have your own exercise program – that is absolutely fine.  If not, or if you want to mix it up, use the MindBodySeries Imagery for Exercise Program.  It includes a stretching sequence as well as an exercise sequence.  The exercise sequence can be used at any fitness level.  It is equally effective for someone who hasn’t exercised before because the instructions can be easily adapted to any fitness level.

PROGRAMS INCLUDED IN THE “MindBodySeries Weight Wellness Program”:

1)      Imagery for Weight Loss

2)      Imagery for Relaxation

3)      Imagery for Exercise

  1.       Track 1 – Intro
  2.       Track 2 – Stretching
  3.       Track 3 – Exercise

The soundtrack has been composed composed to tempos that have been shown in studies to aid relaxation and learning.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us!  We’re always happy to help!


This program is not intended to replace proper nutrition and exercise. Please check with your physician before beginning any weight loss program. This program is intended to be used for the mental aspect of weight loss, including anxiety relief and making healthier eating and exercise choices.
Email support@mindbody.eyewearrewards.com for any questions.

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