About Us

mindbody.eyewearrewards™ was created by Dr. Frank Lawlis and Gregory Palumbo. Featured on the Dr. Phil Show, The Weight Wellness Series was an integral part of Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge. Dr. Phil recommends the program to alleviate the anxieties that accompany weight loss.

Over time, Dr. Lawlis and Mr. Palumbo created programs for Anxiety, Sleep, Smoking Cessation, PTSD, Cancer, ADD / ADHD and more. Originally released on CD, the programs are being remastered and made available for download.

Welcome to mindbody.eyewearrewards – the scientific way to train your brain to get the results you are looking for.

This program is not intended to replace proper nutrition and exercise. Please check with your physician before beginning any weight loss program. This program is intended to be used for the mental aspect of weight loss, including anxiety relief and making healthier eating and exercise choices.
Email support@mindbody.eyewearrewards.com for any questions.

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